Apricot Ginger Teriyaki Sauce

We think you will enjoy experimenting with our new Apricot Ginger Teriyaki Sauce. This versatile sauce can be used as a dipping sauce, glaze, grilling sauce or marinade.
You will find our sauce blends well with beef, chicken, fish, shellfish, pork, lamb, tofu and other veggie dishes.

Dipping Sauce or Glaze

  2/3 cup Apricot Ginger Teriyaki Sauce
  1/3 cup of fruit juice, wine, sherry, Sake or good quality stock.
  Saké or a good quality stock

Heat til bubbling and lower heat to simmer to reduce sauce by 1/4. Whisk in two patties of butter.

Marinade Recipe

Serves 4

  2/3 cup Apricot Ginger Teriyaki Sauce
  1/3 cup wine or sherry
  1/3 orange juice and rind of one orange
  1/2 cup diced red onion
  4 cloves garlic diced fine
  2″ piece of ginger finely chopped
  1 tsp thyme
  1 tbls Dijon mustard
  1 tsp rosemary
  1 tsp Worchestershire
  1 tbls sesame oil
  1 bay leaf or kaffer leaf
  1 tsp hot sauce (you can add more to your liking)
  a fresh touch of cilantro is always a nice addition

Heat up marinade. Let it cool a bit. Place chosen meat (beef, chicken, pork, lamb), tofu or vegetables into a large zip lock bag. Pour marinade over meat and seal bag carefully. Marinade for 2 to 3 hours or overnight. Turn the bag over every hour or so. Strain meat from marinade and bring marinade to a rolling boil – 5 to 7 minutes. Lower heat and let marinade simmer. Brush as a BBQ sauce or use as a dipping sauce.