Organic Island Crabapple Vinegar

After moving to the island, we found many crabapple trees being neglected and decided to try to save as many as possible. We have been picking the crabapples and then pruning the trees for several years now.

Our unique blend of spices with these crabapples brings you a vinegar with earthy tones and unique flavours. Great for deglazing pans, marinades and salad dressings.

This Island Crabapple Vinegar gives your food a burst of energy and life. Use it to enhance the flavours of pork, poultry, scallops or halibut. Blend with a quality Olive Oil for a lively vinaigrette salad dressing for your fresh greens. Try a drizzle of vinegar instead of butter on all your vegetables. A bit of crabapple vinegar will give “that extra touch” to all your meals.


Our vinegars are a limited supply item when products are in season